You are welcome at any of them!St Michael's Cathedral at night


A Prayer Book service with hymns and, generally, the Lord’s Supper. Afterwards, we enjoy a cuppa and raisin toast together.


A family gathering designed for people from all stages and backgrounds. During this meeting there is a creche and Sunday School, with morning tea afterwards.


Church at 5pm is a relaxed family gathering. Children can attend creche, Sunday School or youth group (Yrs 6-9). Afterwards, the children are served with a light meal while the adults have a cuppa.

7pm ~ 'Night Church'

Night Church is a contemporary meeting and, among others, attracts young adults at senior high, university, TAFE or work, followed by refreshments.

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  • For more information about disability access, click here.

Other Gatherings

The Friendship Service occurs on the third Wednesday of every month at 10:30am (except second Wednesday in December, and not in January). It is a quiet, traditional service especially for the frailer and aged, but all are welcome. It is followed by a light lunch in the hall.

Parish Prayer Meetings occur on the first Friday of the month in the office foyer (except January). Join us at either of two time-slots:

  • first Friday 10:30-11:30am, or
  • first Friday, 7:15-8:15pm (during Steadfast junior high youth group).

For more information on our Growth Groups (prayer and Bible groups), please click here.

Our daughter church, Coniston Anglican meets at Coniston Public School, at 4pm on Sundays. Visit their website here.